Thank you to the Metal Community

Over the past five years of writing for different music magazines I have found that writing not only is a great communication tool but a much needed outlet to express my thoughts and opinions in the way I want them to come across.

Growing up with autism wasn’t exactly a walk in the park; everything made so much more sense when I found out I had this learning difficulty. I always felt different in my first year of mainstream school; pupils laughing at me for not fully understanding what they told me, the prospect of a teacher suddenly asking me a question I always found terrifying and not knowing what to say, even though I had it planned to a tee in my mind.

For the past year I have been writing for Metal Temple Magazine which out of all the magazines I have written for has brought out the best in me in terms of confidence and my ability. When I joined a year ago, I didn’t have the greatest self esteem or confidence that a lot of my peers had; this past year being an active part of the metal scene has been a great way to express myself on screen and in person.

This confidence I have gained being part of the metal community has brought me out of my shell in other ventures; for instance looking for another job, sending emails to potentially important clients for the magazine and the ability to manage challenging customers calmly without getting upset or worried. It also gave me the confidence to just be myself no matter what the situation happened to be.

I also think it’s the best therapy for my anxiety issues, I honestly can’t quite describe the bond between the members of their community; better known as metalheads and rockers. This bond is the most intimate between us whilst the bands are playing and when music is blasting out; singing along to those memorable choruses, arms round each other when headbanging and forming those all important friendships. This togetherness from this community is a great stress relief.

Having said all this, my overall message to whoever reads this that I will be forever grateful for this confidence and a sense of belonging that Metal Temple and the Metal community I have felt. Especially where I notice the togetherness it brings to the community; I don’t just go to gigs to experience the atmosphere, seeing bands and have the odd drink at the bar, I like the togetherness and community spirit these shows bring. I have formed close bonds with my friends whilst meeting new ones along the way, which is why I love the rock and metal community.


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