Album Review: Sailing To Nowhere – To The Unknown


Infused with influences such as RHAPSODY OF FIRE, EDGUY and AVANTASIA that is already a promising list for a talented sound; the band in question are SAILING TO NOWHERE and they hail from Rome, Italy. They have released their new album “To The Unknown” that gives listeners of metal a glimpse of a promising new band.

SAILING TO NOWHERE formed in the year 2013 and they have a great mixture of musical influences from across the Hard Rock and Power Metal spectrum. The band consists of two voices, guitar, keyboard, bass and drums. The band are currently experimenting with their sound which does explain a thing or two about the mediocre vibe from the first album.

The album gets off to quite a grand promising start with the songs “No Dreams In My Night” and “Big Fire”; these particular tunes give off a theatrical supergroup ambience that will remind one of the works of AVANTASIA. From that point on the album seems to go off course “To The Unknown”; whether it’s the first album and they are still experimenting with their sound but it seemed quite mediocre yet at the same time they have potential.

New and upcoming band’s sounds are like plants; with the right nutrition and care they will grow and develop into something well developed. The album contains some big sounding tunes such as “Lovers On The Planet” and “Strange Dimension”; at the moment the sound isn’t extremely attention grabbing at the moment, particularly with the unfavourable cover of ANASTACIA’s “Left Outside Alone”.

Even though the album has quite a mediocre reception it isn’t a bad debut album as it gives people an insight into what their sound is like. It will be interesting to see what else they come up with in their experimentations of their new sound; bring on album numero two.




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