EP Review: Fissure Of Riddles “Stalacites”

12043662_10156036550005142_1520763567_o_phixrYou just never know what you are going to find in your part of the country in terms of great music; you can either end up being incredibly disgusted or unbelievably amazed by what you find. The latest band to come onto the radar is Progressive Metal outfit FISSURES OF RIDDLES and they are a band every metal head needs to listen to.

FISSURES OF RIDDLES hail from Weymouth, UK and they formed in the year 2015. Their Progressive Metal is infused with Southern/Sludge riffs giving it that extra edge; you can certainly hear this within their EP “Stalacites” that should be in every metal heads collection. This is their second EP they have released upon us.

Even though there are few tracks, like there is on most EPs, it certainly shows the listener what they can expect from the band; the best ones leave a lasting impression which is exactly what “Stalacites” does. From the moment you press play it’s like a punch in the face music yet it is welcomed graciously at the same time, from “Feral Rising” to the title track this EP shows the band offer sheer brutality yet sweet melodies all at once.  Within the sludginess and aggressiveness you can hear the flawlessly melodic finger bleeding guitar riffs that balance out the belligerence perfectly.

From the moment you start listening, you can just immerse yourself away from the stresses of reality; the evidence of this being headbanging along and just feeling incredibly satisfied when listening to this hostile yet beautifully melodic masterpiece.

If this EP is anything to go by it is extremely safe to assume that FISSURES OF RIDDLES are one of THE bands every metal head should at least have one listen to, if you aren’t converted in a few seconds then who knows what will please you.



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