EP Review: 1968 – 1968


The rural villages and rolling hills of Cheshire, England are about to be awoken by the loudest Rock band yet to arise from this county. The band in question is Hard Rock quartet 1968 and they are about to release their new self titled EP containing some edgy and raw Hard Rock. A wonderful new talent to start of a brand new year.

The quartet 1968 formed in the year 2013, it sounds weird when you put it like that, a year upon a year. They hail from the county Cheshire in the UK that is often associated with quiet country sides and small villages so something as loud as this band wouldn’t be expected to arise from such a serene area.  Over the past two years they have gained quite a big fan base and this debut EP will ensure this.

From this EP alone it is a little tricky to pigeon hole their sound at this point so early in their career and this is their first EP; what is evident however is their sound is raw, edgy and dirty that ticks every box in the Rock and Metal community. The guitar riffs remind one of the heaviness of BLACK SABBATH and MÖTORHEAD where the vocal work reminds one of the newer talent that is RIVAL SONS who it says they are influenced by. This EP is a great way to give a taster on what we can expect from future recordings.

In terms of the EP this is a great way to show us what this band is made of in terms of their musical talents, giving us a glimpse of what their sound is like. A brilliant example of a great debut EP that sets out what it is supposed to do, this will open many doors for them and develop the size of their fan base.


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