Album Review: Immortal Machinery – At The End Of Time

immortal machinery_phixrLondon is well known for their dark parts of their gloomy history and legends:  Jack The Ripper, the Great Plague and many other tales. There is a presence that may make history, music history. The occurrence in question comes from a Goth Rock trio known as IMMORTAL MACHINERY and they bring doom and despair with their debut album “At The End Of Time”. To say this will turn heads is an understatement.

A desire to create dark, melodic and uncompromising music began the formation of this London trio in the year 2013, the same year Sony released the Playstation 4. Two years before they spent time jamming, experimenting and doing the odd bit of session work.  The boys have recently finished touring Italy and this album will definitely open doors.

From the sounds of this debut album it sounds like they are already the UK’s answer to American legends TYPE O NEGATIVE and Finnish Goth titans THE 69 EYES. The dark, velvet tones of vocalist Stephanos Constantinos  are the first thing that the listener notices; these vocals have an extremely hypnotising effect on the listener along with the rest of the music arrangements.

The songs on here are inarguably dark and uncompromising but the melodic touches make it easier on the ears for those who prefer a trouble-free listening experience.  Tracks that demonstrate this perfectly are “43 Minutes To Die”, “She’s Gone” and “Never Ending Lights”. There is a great feature about this album that will impress metal community members, this album features ex MEGADETH/KING DIAMOND guitarist Glen Drover on the tracks “And She Was Beautiful” and “At The End Of Time”.

Definitely recommend giving it a try for those who love the Gothic side of the Heavy Metal spectrum, recommended for fans of TYPE O NEGATIVE and THE 69 EYES.



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