Don’t Tar Them All With The Same Brush, Don’t Live In Fear

A couple of days ago I filmed a video for my weekly vlog about the recent attacks on Brussels airport. It was a very emotional video and I expressed feelings I wouldn’t normally make public. Yes I have made my struggles with anxiety and autism very open and my emotions have been out there in the open in past videos. However this time I am concerned if I share this video my safety and security would be at risk so I hope you understand this.

Before I continue I would like to say my thoughts and prayers go out to those who lost their lives as a result of these attacks and those who have been affected in someway (i.e. those who survived these attacks and to those who lost family and friends)

It can be agreed that this group of terrorists are extremely bad news and what they set out to do with their actions is extremely appalling. Killing thousands of innocent people and causing destruction are of course unarguably frightening and fearful. The worst thing about this? They use their “religion” to justify their actions, to mask up their crimes, they don’t take responsibility. No remorse, no respect. Reason I say this? I am sick of of hearing people associate Muslim faith with terrorism because they are completely unrelated. It’s because of actions like this that Muslims seem to all be tarred with the same brush by ignorant individuals when they shouldn’t be. In fact ISIS attacks do happen against Muslim states as the picture below explains; in the Western world we only see headlines regarding the West; is this the only way to grab our attention?


Please understand I am not saying in anyway that the Western countries are less important than all these Muslim states. It is awful business wherever it happens and I wouldn’t wish this upon anyone, not even my worst enemy. It’s shows us why individuals shouldn’t associate Muslim faith with terrorism. Those Muslims who own the corner shop down the road, who live next door, playing in the streets with your children are not part of any terrorist group. So stop associating Muslims with terrorism, they are completely unrelated.

People where I used to work used to tell me of how they won’t go to huge cities on public holidays and cancelling holidays that are due to happen way after the attack in case attacks were to happen again. It is scary business, the feeling we have to put our lives on hold or live in fear. I’m here to say we shouldn’t; we shouldn’t put our lives on hold or live in fear as that’s what these terrorists want. They want us to live in fear, they want us to put our lives on hold because they are evil, cruel individuals who only want to cause harm and upset to others.

News like this only encourages my determination to fight for peace, equality and all round love. We are all here on this earth to serve a purpose, to help one another, to love one another and to enjoy life.

This particular band I am sharing this video from this particular band due to their aim to bring people together peacefully with their music. This song is called “Brother” and according to singer Kobi Farhi it focuses on the fact that historically we are brothers but they are so focused on conflict and being the victim so we forget that we are connected historically.

That’s me this week, in the form of a post rather than a vlog. Stay safe and take care, more importantly be nice to each other.


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