Album Review: Last In Line – Heavy Crown


In this day and age it’s very rare to find a straight up, no nonsense Hard Rock act. A tight sound consisting of original riffs, solos, dominant vocals, a pounding bass line and thunderous drums is an uncommon find nowadays. The latest act to prove this to be possible is LAST IN LINE with their debut album “Heavy Crown”.

They maybe a brand new band with a brand new album but the members of LAST IN LINE are all too familiar with the music industry, particularly when it comes to Rock. For those diehard fans and supporters since the birth of Rock may or may not know that LAST IN LINE were formed by not one not two but three original members of legendary Rock outfit DIO. Vivian Campbell, Vinny Appice and Jimmy Bain joined forces with vocalist Andrew Freeman thirty years after the release “Holy Diver”, which most of the community know doesn’t need an introduction.

This truly is a record that Ronnie James Dio himself would be incredibly proud. There are three things in this album that are clearly heard; passion, power and straight to the point melodies. These particular melodies are incredible; this Los Angeles quartet have truly created something remarkable here, giving their own original sound that has that old school charm.

Tracks that demonstrate this logic are “I Am Revolution”, “Blame It On Me” and “Curse The Day”; these particular tracks show the passion and love for this sort of Rock. These melodies will be swimming around in your heads all day long. “I Am Revolution” and “Blame It On Me” performed live will go down an absolute treat; hair swishing, foot stomping and fist pumping energy. “Curse The Day” provides a slower tone to the record, the ballad of the Hard Rock album if you will.

This record only proves the expression ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ to be true, these musicians have seen it and heard it all before. Here they show the full potential of the best they can be. Highly recommended record.



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