Make Sure You Are Clued Up On Your Knowledge

When writing non-fiction such as reviews, news articles, features or even a story based on true events it’s no secret you have to be clued up on your facts and history or at least research the subject beforehand.

The best example of where research is crucial is interviews; it’s a two way operation for you and your interviewee, the band want to promote their career and the journalist needs material for their article so you both are taking time out to talk to each other so you want to make the most of it.

The inspiration for this tip? This new video by vocalist turned YouTube star Anthony Vincent’s latest video, it’s was a project taking viewers and listeners through 50 years of rock and roll. Here he colloborates with Trans Siberian vocalist and fellow academy student Gabriela Gunčíková and his tutor Ken Tamplin from Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy to create this mindblowing and somewhat educational video.

History is an important part of any subject or topic you wish to pursue a career in, particularly music. As this particular video shows us it takes us through a journey of Rock and how it’s developed through time, particularly if you’re a journalist like me learning and understanding the history is an important factor. Also appreciating the bands who influenced the newer ones today.

Google your favourite genre today, see where it first formed and find out the history. It is fascinating. Watch this video too, it’s very well arranged and the vocals are harmonised perfectly. Be prepared to hear timeless classics in Rock and Metal across the decades.


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