Album Review: The Hypothesis – Origin

Note:  this is my first album review I did for Distorted Sound Magazine

TheHypothesisOriginWhen entering the metal community one learns a lot of things from being a part of this ever-growing army. They learn about the deep brotherhood that is initiated by the heavier end of the spectrum, they learn about this new world of underground bands and the most common thing they learn is the best breeding ground for Metal tends to be Finland.

Most metalheads know that household names in the metal community such as NIGHTWISH, TURISAS and CHILDREN OF BODOM all hail from this godly breeding ground of Metal. The latest to join this list of legends is melodic death metal quintet THE HYPOTHESIS and if their upcoming debut album Origin doesn’t convince the listener otherwise there is no knowing what will.

THE HYPOTHESIS are a relatively new band to the scene and it’s already evident they are highly talented, they hail from the metal breeding ground’s capital Helsinki. The sounds of this album indicate their true location listed on their Facebook page as the deadly winter lands of Finland. This line up maybe part of a new band but this doesn’t mean the members are new to the music industry. There are an array of members from many different bands such as RED MOON, DIMEBAG BEYOND FOREVER, VALLENFYRE and PARADISE LOST.

When listening to the album it’s clear they are set out to provide the world with fresh, modern metal. The opening track Shades To Escape set up a rather chilling vibe and atmosphere to wherever the listener happens to be, even in a place where it seems it’s always hot with no kind of cool breeze. The songs contain blistering solos and riffs, dominating vocals and pounding drums that fuse together incredibly well to create some brilliantly brutal melodies that will blow fans out of the water. Sometimes when listening to an album it’s clear who a band reminds the listener of, in this case fellow Finnish melodic death metallers WINTERSUN and Swedish born SCAR SYMMETRY come to mind when listening to this record.

There are a fair few tracks on the album that stand out to prove the claim these songs will blow people away with these destructive yet excellent melodies. Exit shows the listener what the band members have to offer in terms of talent and passion, particularly where during a particular interval an amazing guitar solo is heard to break up the aggressiveness slightly.  Scarface shows a more brutal side of the band, the aggressive distortion on the guitars and the growls give this particular song an effective doom vibe to this melodic death record. Weak Story demonstrates the excellent harmony between both harsh growls and clean vocals, working against a flawless melody of slick riffs, out of this world solos and thunderous drums.

It ends with instrumental Second Chance where it provides the cliff-hanger effect with the listener, enjoying what they heard on this record but they now want more. Long story short it is recommended this album should be bought and listened to. Particularly if one likes the bands SCAR SYMMETRY and WINTERSUN. It is due for release 5th May 2016.



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