Album Review: Ghost Warfare – Dusk Reloaded

572229Amongst the somewhat gloomy happenings of 2016 it’s always refreshing to see and hear about those little gems that make it all so much better. The most recent one to come up under the radar in the form a Bulgarian Metal quartet GHOST WARFARE, they have released a new record titled ‘Dusk Reloaded’ and to say it will turn heads is a massive understatement.

Ten years ago when Pirates Of The Carribean: A Dead Man’s Chest was topping the box office, in Haskovo, Bulgaria two musicians decided to gather a force together. This originally started off as a music project, the driving force behind this were founders Georgy Latev and Dimitar Naydev. With many sound developments and changes to style they were able to craft that unique sound that can be heard on this record.

First impressions of this third album; it is incredibly difficult to pinpoint their sound. It sounds like nothing that has been heard or done before and it’s great that they have managed to achieve this. The style is complex and interesting, it’s not easy to listen to at times yet this music entices you in to find out so much more. At the same time it gives it that straight forward, no nonsense vibe that is often admired across the music spectrum. The rough and ready guitar riffs remind one of MONSTER MAGNET and CLUTCH whilst the vocals from Ganiela Ganeva are very TRISTANIA and SIRENIA.

Their ingenious sound seems to combine all the best elements of different sub-genres of metal. If you’re new to the band, it is a great surprise to hear a Jazz style track towards the end of the record. The fusion of Jazz and Metal in ‘Oh, Happy Days’ is just sheer brilliance.

It sounds like it wasn’t an easy journey for this band, giving how long it took to make their first album, but from this record it sounds like the hard work paid off.

Find Ghost Warfare on Facebook and their official website.


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