Album Review: The Last Band – The Fall

14938224_1217960678276363_8844598927213390323_n_phixrAlong with their neighbours Finland; Sweden are quite a well known breeding ground for bands, particularly on the heavier side of the music spectrum. The latest one to step out into the open are Gothenburg based THE LAST BAND with their latest release ‘The Fall’ and to say it will turn a few heads is an understatement.

The album itself is an assortment of interesting melodies with huge guitar riffs and thunderous beats; the vocal work within the melodies is at first a little bit tricky to listen to and get your head around. However, when the album progresses it starts to sink into the mind and you actually find that it suits the musical arrangements. This can be heard in tracks such as ‘Move’, ‘Pretty Boys’ and ‘Pulled A Lot Of Shit’.

‘Move’ starts with an empowering arrangement of deafening drums and a prevailing guitar riff; this could be used as a track to start an almighty revolution. Its fist pumping rhythm and pounding melodies reinforce this statement.

‘Pretty Boys’ is a track that contains a kind of sassiness that most bands of this genre tend to fail to get across in their music; here is a special exception.  Yes it’s a rowdy, angry track but it portrays that brashness really well.

‘Pulled A Lot Of Shit’ is the track that will be very well received live; immediately you start to imagine head banging along to this track with a lot of others with long glossy hair. Its guitar riffs and solos you can air practice to and that chorus being screamed out amongst the crowd.

It is overall, this is a promising record that will certainly open doors for this Swedish troupe. Be sure to catch them on tour with AVATAR this month.


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