EP Review: Sorizon – End Of Entrapment

sorizonIt so very rare to come across a sound that literally has you blown away at the very listen; it was a breath of fresh air to hear this from Californian based SORIZON, their weapon of choice to do this is their latest EP ‘End Of Entrapment’. In fact even if one said that this record will blow minds will be a huge understatement.

They describe themselves as Radical Metal, another sub genre that could make the ever growing list. They formed in the year 2008 and have since then been delivering a quality sound that suggests unity. They don’t stick to one specific sub genre of metal yet they still produce some pretty big melodies here.

It’s starts off with the song ‘Falling’ which has a seemingly chilled out feel to it; this however is just a ruse. The transition from that to the brutal sounds that come out next is rather well done here. It seems that not sticking to one genre really works in their favour, each individual track offers something different and epic.

What’s great about the tracks is that it is extremely hard to pinpoint who they sound like; for example in the track ‘Lay To Waste’ you find yourself questioning whether you can hear the vocals of EMPEROR’s Ihsahn over the tempos you’d hear in a SLAYER track. Another example is the track ‘Bypass The Pain’; you think you hear DRAGONFORCE through the guitar riffs and vocals but something happens that makes you question your opinion.

One thing that is for sure the EP consists of epic vocals, finger bleeding guitar work, thumping bass and no nonsense drums. It can be agreed they pull all of the raddest qualities of everything heavy and combine it marvellously.

Concluding with an acoustic rendition of ‘Cosmic Eden’ one of their previous tracks was perfection. Whether you’re a fan of the more melodic tones of metal or the brutal side of the question, you’d be a fool not to give this a spin.

Find Sorizon on Facebook and BandCamp


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