EP Review: Seven Kingdoms – In The Walls

587906_phixrAs well as being associated with all things Disney and dubbed the sunshine state, Florida USA is now also known as the home of the hypothetical love child of DRAGONFORCE and NIGHTWISH. Power Metal troupe SEVEN KINGDOMS are that hypothetical love child; with their neck breaking solos and opera like vocals there could be a new power troupe in the midst of the metal community.

This troupe formed in 2007 and began to play shows. They went through the usual underground route; members coming and going, numerous local shows, an independently released album etc. They signed a deal with Intromental Worldwide in 2009 when they had a solid line-up. Since then, they have shared the stage with Metal giants such as BLIND GUARDIAN, SYMPONY X, BEHEMOTH, QUEENSRYCHE and AVANTASIA.

Their latest EP ‘In The Walls’ reinforces the statement they could be the love child of two of the biggest names in metal.

‘In The Walls’:  The finger blistering guitar work reminds one of DRAGONFORCE and HAMMERFALL, it’s straight to the point with some memorable riffs and solos. The vocals come in sometime later and they do make hair stand on end when they are heard, especially with the powerful back from the choirs in the chorus. The opera like vocals, provided by Sabrina Valentine and the majestic choir have strong tints of NIGHTWISH and the older material from TRISTANIA. What a way to make a grand entrance.

‘Undying’:  A similar start to its previous track, later you hear some elements that make it stand out. This contains a sweeping melody and a genuinely darker theme, it’s not as majestic as the choirs are a lot quieter. It’s great that they keep up a variety.

‘The Bloody Meadow’:  The title alone doesn’t exactly suggest a cutesy woodland with bunny rabbits, deer and squirrels playfully chasing each other in a vast field of green. The vibe of the track reinforces this fact with it’s heavy, pounding riffs and eerily serene vocals. The choirs and vocals bring forth the heroic battle that is clearly either taking place in the track or the soldiers are preparing for it.

‘Stormborn’:  Concluding track ‘Stormborn’ shows off the beauty and the beast technique for the first time, the harsh and clean vocals harmonise together perfectly. It is the track that is contains the uplifting end to a very promising EP.

Overall verdict is that this EP is quite a powerful release that shows the quality of their sound.


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